I love creating content, I love coming home knowing that I ended that day with something that never existed before. So every day, if I am not crafting something, then I am reading about it, learning about it or being inspired by it. I know how to use almost every digital tool that exists to feed my insatiable hunger to create.
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Lead UI UX designer on multi million pound website build
Joined project which was already 18 months old. Recognised, documented and proposed fixes regarding design, journey and styling
Create documentation for web styling, UX paths and unifying designs to capture decisions and ideas
Create very detailed UX journeys and identify potential issues through reporting
Liaise with external development agency answering all their technical and design questions
Revolutionise how large design projects are managed by simply create a presentation standard.
Requirements gathering for very detailed parts of the website

Front end developer, video content & digital designer
UI development into final design. Taking the process through stakeholders amendments and then ultimately coding within the CMS using Sketch and Illustrator.
CSS and HTML is part of my daily routine.
Fixing and patching errors onsite.
Because of my vast experience in video I have been assigned to create a viability report and product test results based in YouTube and Vimeo platforms.
Quick response graphic design. Often the business requires new ways to attract higher CTRs so I create new ads and templates to support their needs.
Manage incoming briefs and prepare presentations.

Concepts and design. CRM digital manager
Design eCom and mCom platforms.
Build custom pages for Christmas period.
Rapid page designs for platforms.

Concepts and design. CRM digital manager
Produce rapid concepts using hand drawn sketch, motion graphics and wire-frames.
Build build banners for internal, online and affiliates.
Create concept packs for presentations.
Bespoke projects, ie create a presentation video within 5 days using hand drawn images, motion graphics (After Effects) and compiling into Premiere. I single handily managed this and delivered on time.

Responsive email builder. Campaign Manager.
Design emails within Photoshop using both templates and custom ‘blank page’ sources.
Work with customers with various internal departments to assess any changes to the emails As a designer I have to consider visual engagement and relevance to Dixon’s email subscribers and gain maximum click through rates to satisfy department stakeholders.
Produce and gather information from key stakeholders.
Using the digital marketing/CMS tool Exact Target I am well versed in creating data extractions, manipulating data lists, creating and deploying emails with full tracking code enabled.
Manipulating images to be coded in CSS and HTML applying tracking codes and special tags.
As well as aesthetically engaging, the emails have to be responsive. We are only the few teams that create responsive emails to our customers.
Design banners, icons and source images.

Creative member in the visualisation of propositions to customer’s online advertising strategies.
Draw and design UI to match clients needs and within the MSN internal CMS.
Required to be part of the client pitching team to gain new business.
Actively create online experiences that match our partner’s marketing plans both long and short term.
Technical Account manager providing development and creative solutions for the MSN Global markets.
Part of a small internal team that handled all development and design requests across EMEA and emerging markets.
Launching multi-million dollar campaigns across EMEA.
Dealing with many countries that require tailored strategies.
Web designer and site development for MSN UK.
UI creation and planning with clients.
Full design and ownership of campaign pages with the MSN network which included MSN Messenger and Hotmail.
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